Thursday, October 14, 2010


I'm in sales.  My life revolves around goals.  Goals for how many phone calls I make.  How many emails I send.  The number I clients I see outside of the office...and in the office.  How many times I have lunch each month with clients.  And, of course, I have revenue goals.  I think being so goal-centric makes me set goals outside of work.  Goals for when I finish doing laundry, when we clean the house, everything I want to do before Cooper's birthday party.  I set "goals" for Christmas in how much money we're going to spend.  I guess that's more of a budget, than a goal. 

Anyway...I'm also not the best a meeting my goals.  I do great at work.  But that's how I get paid.  At home...things fall through the cracks rather quickly.  The Halloween costume for Cooper that I was going to make 2 weeks ago?  Yeah - I bought the fabric last night.  So when I started this diet I was asked to set a goal for how much I want to lose.  That's the point of a diet, right?  To reach a "goal weight?"  I'm not quite there yet, but I'm pretty darn close.  And yesterday I hit my first mini-goal.  5lbs.  I would have loved to drop 10 before our vacation, but I decided to be a little more realistic.  ((remember all of those lunches I'm supposed to have with clients?))  Instead I decided on 5.  I actually hit 5.5 and I still have 2 weeks before our vacation!  Score.

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